Log in with your account and choose the "Add valve" option to take control of your Wise Orchard valve.

If you were using the valve last year already, you do NOT need to reconfigure, just change the batteries and it will connect to your Wi-Fi again.

Follow the on-screen instructions and please make sure you enter the right Wi-Fi network and password and that the valve is within the Wi-Fi access point range. Bear in mind that both the Wi-Fi name and password are case-sensitive ("MyWifi" is not the same as "mywifi").

If you need to change your Wi-Fi after configuring, you can bring your valve back to configuration mode by pressing and holding the valve's button for at least 3 seconds.

If at any time when the valve is watering you want to stop it, you can always press the valve's button (short press, less than a second) to stop it manually. The short button press can also be used to force the valve to reconnect to the server instantly and download the most current schedule (after it has been configured properly).


  • Please make sure the valve is close enough to your Wi-Fi router.
  • Have the Wi-Fi network name and password been typed correctly?
  • If you have configured the valve but it doesn't connect to the server through your Wi-Fi network you can push the valve's button for less than a second so it will try to connect again.
  • If you want to reconfigure the valve at any time, press the button for at least 3 seconds so it goes back to configuration mode.
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi network supports 2.4Ghz not only 5Ghz frequency. Also, make sure it supports IPv4 and not only IPv6. And make sure the router has MAC filtering off (to allow all new devices to connect)
  • Make sure your 1.5V alkaline AA-size batteries are new. (In theory you could use rechargeable batteries but they won't last nearly as long). Don't use "heavy-duty" batteries, they are not alkaline batteries and they can't provide enough power.
  • If you get "incorrect password" when connecting to the valve's Wi-Fi on an iPhone or iPad, you can try to "forget" the network and add it again, or disable Wi-Fi assist. You can use these tips to troubleshoot (try "Forget wi-fi and rejoin" and "Disable wi-fi assist" first), or this other list of tips.
  • If our app says there was an error connecting to your valve and you have a Samsung Galaxy (or some other Android phones in general), you can try to disable "smart network switch" by following these instructions. If you can't find that option on newer phones, please try this instead.

If you need more help, please submit a support ticket.