• How do I set up my valve? / I'm having trouble setting up my valve
    Please follow the instructions in the quick start manual and our online manual, for troubleshooting. You can contact us if you need more assistance. If you were already using your valve last year, you do NOT need to reconfigure, just change the batteries and it will connect to your Wi-Fi again.

  • Can I use the system remotely, when I'm not connected to my home Wi-Fi?
    Of course, you can access it from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection for your smartphone or computer.

  • Which smartphones are supported?
    iPhone/iPad (iOS 8 and up) and Android (4.4 Kitkat and up)

  • What if my internet connection is lost for some reason? will my plants get watered?
    Yes: if your internet connection or the server is down, the valve still has a schedule for at least a whole week.
    And if that week passes, it would switch to "emergency" mode, where it generates at most one watering a day by averaging the watering amount of the last few days (if your internet connection is still down, it would keep watering like that forever, until it runs out of battery power).

  • How long will the batteries last?
    Wise Orchard has been designed to last for the full watering season (early spring to late fall), so it will last a whole year.
    It will warn you when the batteries are low so you can change them. It manages its power consumption by connecting periodically to the Internet, not being constantly connected. Most of the time it's in an ultra-low-power sleep mode.

  • What size are the valve's connectors?
    The intake (upper side) is female 3/4'' Garden Hose Thread in the USA and 3/4'' BSP in the UK and elsewhere. The output connection (bottom) is the same type male, after screwing the included adapter (1/2'' BSP male without the adapter). 

  • What is the button on the valve for?
    The button on the front has multiple functions: a short button press will cause it to re-connect to the server and download the most current schedule; and it will also close the valve if it is open at that time, so it can be used to quickly stop watering if it's inconvenient at the moment. And a long button press (more than 3 seconds) will bring the valve to configuration mode, where you can "Add" it again in the app if you want to change to a different Wi-Fi network (when the valve is new it will start in configuration mode regardless, immediately after putting the batteries on). 

  • Can I use several valves for separate zones?
    Yes, you'll be able to control all of them from the app. There's no limit on the number of zones you can control.

  • What is the wireless range of Wise Orchard?
    The approximate range of the Wise Orchard valve in a common garden is 150 feet / 50 meters. Depending on obstructions (walls and so on) this might be different in your case.

  • How do I set up smart watering?
    Have a look at our smart watering section on the online manual or contact us if you need more assistance.

  • Is it possible to activate (turn on or off) Wise Orchard outside of the planned scheduled?
    Yes, there is a manual watering option in Zone settings (tap the gear icon in your zone).

  • How do I connect my Wise Orchard valves to my Wi-Fi network?
    Initial configuration is handled seamlessly and securely from the mobile app. You can find additional information in our online manual.

  • Will you charge a monthly fee for using your online services?
    No, it will always be free.

  • Is it safe to input my Wi-Fi password in the app?
    Yes, it's 100% safe. Your Wi-Fi password is never uploaded to our servers, it's only transmitted from your phone to the valve directly over a secure Wi-Fi connection and it's stored securely in its flash memory chip. Rest assured it is safe there because it's only used to connect to your network. It's never shared. 

  • How do I open the lid to put the batteries in?
    If you find the back lid is too tight, you can pry it open (use a small flathead screwdriver or a similar tool on the small notches it has on both sides).

  • Is Wise Orchard waterproof?
    It is water resistant, so it can take rain, but don't submerge it in water.