These are some of the most important options for configuring smart mode. Here we explain in detail what they mean:


    We use your plant type to determine how much water they need compared to other plants.

    • Vegetables: high water needs to grow and yield fruits
    • Grass: high water needs
    • Annuals: annual flower plants are plants with a life cycle that lasts only one year. They grow from seed, bloom, produce seeds and die in one growing season, they then need to be replanted each spring. Moderately high water needs.
    • Trees
    • Perennials: perennials are those herbaceous plants that live for more than one season whereas annuals only live for one season. The big thing that annuals have over perennials is that they tend to produce more flowers and have a much longer blooming period than perennials. Generally, the best everblooming plants are the annuals. Moderately low water needs.
    • Shrubs: low water needs


    We use your sprinkler type to determine how much water it provides to your soil.

    • Rotary nozzle: low water output

    • Rotor head: moderate water output in a large area

    • Spray head: high water output

    • Drip emitter: low water output in small area

    • Bubbler: moderate water output in a small area

    • Micro-sprinkler/mister: high water output in a small area

    Soil type

    • Sand
    • Loamy sand
    • Sandy loam
    • Loam
    • Clay loam
    • Silty clay
    • Clay

    We use your soil type mainly to determine how much water it can take in order to prevent excessive accumulation and runoff. Follow these links for some good articles about how to determine what kind of soil you have [1] [2] [3] [4]

    Smart watering

    In the final configuration screen you have to choose a baseline watering amount for your plants. Based on your choices on the previous screens, we offer a suggested daily watering estimate, but you should change it if you feel it's not adequate -your plants and sprinklers may not be exactly represented by the options chosen. This watering amount is a daily amount, in minutes, given the current weather for the next few days (you can always come back and adjust this setting again).

    Deciding when to water

    If you let Wise Orchard decide when to water it will generate watering events automatically in the best moments of the day (usually near sunrise or sunset). But you can also specify when you would like to water. It will only water at the times you specify, but it will still decide whether it should water at all, and how much.