In this tab you will see Valve information for all your valves, including past and upcoming watering events.

  • History
    Bar graph that displays past watering for each day (in minutes)
  • Upcoming
    Bar graph that displays upcoming watering for each day (in minutes)
  • Detailed
    Exact time and length of each upcoming watering event

  • Last seen
    You can see when your valve last connected to the Internet to update its schedule. If you tap on "Seen..." you will also see the next scheduled connection.
  • Battery
    Green: Good
    Yellow: Ok
    Orange: Low (with warning badge)
    Red: very low or empty (with warning badge)
    You can also tap on the battery icon and you'll see an estimated battery charge percentage for your batteries for this Valve.
  • Edit valve name
    Use the pencil icon in the upper-right corner of the Valve card to change the Valve name.

If at any time the valve is watering you want to stop it, you can always press the valve's button to stop it manually.